The Power of Your Story

The first two definitions for the word ‘story’ in the dictionary are; 1) the telling of an event or series of events, whether true or fictitious; account; narration. 2) a fictitious literary composition shorter than a novel; narrative; tale.  The human experience is a well developed complicated story; it is a series of ongoing narratives, full of conflicts, characters, beginnings, middles and ends. A story is an interpretation of those conflicts and characters. The power of your story may be positive or negative based on your chosen interpretation.

Our life is made up of multiple stories and story lines all with varied meanings and interpretations. It can get confusing. Life feels like a mystery sometimes. We don’t always know how to best unravel the meanings of our comings and goings. If we are acting as detectives trying to solve the mystery of our lives, we are better equipped when we understand our story and the power that pivotal stories have had in our life.

Using the Power of Story

There are two kinds of stories that Cassie focuses on in the process of transformation.  The first are the stories you tell yourself about yourself, the images, places, and people that define who you are.  The second is the stories you are drawn to – be they found in fairy tales, folktales, movies, plays or songs. Those images that call to you and that you feel connected too. Cassie will explore what characters and conflicts resonate with you and use it as a map that will guide you to treasures hidden within and to aid in the transformation process.

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