Energy Cleansing & Healing

Yoga meditation silhouette poseHave you ever had goose bumps? Or felt the hairs on the back of your neck go up? Or have you ever slid across the carpet and felt an electrical shock? If you have experienced that electricity than you may be aware that we are energetic beings comprised of more than just flesh and bones and blood. There is a whole complex energetic anatomy that exists within us and creates a subtle or invisible body. This invisible body contributes to our health and well-being. When this energy is understood and energy clearing methods are included in the healing process, it allows for more complete or whole healing.

What is Energy Therapy?

Energy medicine and therapy address the relationship of energy systems to our emotion, cognition, behavior, and health. These systems include electrical activity of the nervous system, heart, meridians, and the body’s energy centers. Energy therapy is a relatively new set of healing techniques that combines Eastern approaches to the mind and body with Western psychology and psychotherapy ideas. Energy healing methods use the gifts of intuition and the subtle body to evoke the healing process and initiate cleansing.

Energetic Cleansing & Healing

Our emotions or how we feel – our level of peace or anger – has a direct affect on or health. When we look at the emotional component within a physical ailment and address it and clear it, the space is created for the ailment to heal. The body is just trying to get our attention and help us deal with whatever we have not dealt with and often times the body or ill health is the catalyst we need to change a situation.

Some clients come in trying to heal their reoccurring bronchitis or respiratory issues. It seems the medical or western methods of healing have not lasted long enough, if at all. Those symptoms could be related to family dynamics. If the family environment is inflamed, if there is a lot of yelling or arguments – or the opposite, silence – or if there is a lot of fear of embracing life, then the symptoms will continue. When these issues are addressed and the family dynamics improve through energy clearing and cleansing techniques, the health and breathing improves as well. Everything is connected. Our outside world informs our inside world and both must be addressed.

Energy Healing Methods & Session

Using of the science of kinesiology, Cassie allows the client’s body to show her where the energy blocks are located in the body. These blocks reside within the subtle energy systems of meridians, energy pathways for chi or the key energy centers called chakras. When those blocks are uncovered and addressed, healing occurs. Cassie’s energy therapy works mostly with the chakras and the vital role that our emotions play within these centers. Negative beliefs create destructive blocks and these internal situations can lead to health or disease.

Energy medicine tunes into the vibrational frequencies of the body. We try to pay attention to what raises or lowers your vibrations and why. There are many things that contribute to our bodies’ vibrations but sound and smell are powerful contributors to our frequencies. They can quickly raise or lower our levels. Cassie loves teaching people or making them aware of the invisible and not so invisible influences in our lives. When you become more aware of what your body needs, it is easier to establish balance and equilibrium.

As part of a cleansing energy healing session, Cassie will caution you to watch what you say to yourself and others. She’ll ask you to listen to good music and enjoy pleasant smells. Aromatherapy (essential oils), Affirmations, and Bach Flowers are all tools Cassie uses to raise the vibrational frequency and increase health and well being. There are so many wonderful ways to contribute to the creation of a fabulous life. Your body is talking. Cassie will help you to listen.

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