About FCC

Our goal at Full Circle Connections is to bring a client full circle in an individual session. A complaint I often hear with traditional therapy is that you are driven by the clock, when 50 minutes is up your done, times up, weather you are complete or not. It is important to us at Full Circle Connections that our clients feel complete by the end of a session and that they have received resolution or insight into their emotional issues. We allot more time together and work towards allowing you to feel empowered by your experiences.

Another goal at Full Circle Connections is to aid in connecting individuals to their self and the other pivotal relationships in their lives. We want to be able to create transformational experiences. Transformation is creating a shift in perception. Change the way you think and feel and you will change your life.

The Full Circle logo is a lotus flower. The lotus is a symbol of transformation. Think of the lotus flower, it grows in muddy water and is immersed in mud and muck. It slowly grows towards the water’s surface searching for the light. Once it comes to the surface the lotus flower begins to blossom and emerges as a beautiful fragrant flower. We are all like the lotus flower most of us are not surrounded by ideal circumstances. The path is not always clear, we have to search for the light and create a clear path. If given a chance are you willing to emerge from the mud and muck?