You Know Who You Are and You Know What You Want. ~ Lao Tzu
Makeover your Mind and Transform your Life.
Cassie Howard-Ashton

Cassie Ashton has magical way of helping people re-frame life events. She is a coach, counselor, author, and speaker. Cassie is well educated in the field of energy psychology and is devoted to teaching others how to create emotionally healthy, happy lives.

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The goal of Full Circle Connections is to help you integrate your Body, Mind, and Spirit so that all the aspects of your being are working together effectively to attract the life you most desire. Cassie Ashton strives to connect the dots of what is working and what is not working, keeping what works and changing what doesn’t. She uses a variety of modalities to help you clarify who you are, what you want and figure out what gets in your way and how to get out of your own way.

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About FCC

Our goal at Full Circle Connections is to bring a client full circle in an individual session. A complaint I often hear with traditional therapy is that you are driven by the clock, when 50 minutes is up your done, times up, weather you are complete or not. It is important to us at Full Circle Connections that our clients feel complete by the end of a session and that they have received resolution or insight into their emotional issues. We allot more time together and work towards allowing you to feel empowered by your experiences.

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